Wk 1 – Extra Credit Experience – Farbazaar

I have no idea where to begin with this post because I have so much to say and my thoughts are so scattered but I suppose I could start at the beginning. This Sunday at the plaster casting even Glenn mentioned that we could get some extra credit by going to an art exhibition a Cerritos College. So my friends, Sara, Maryam, Alicia and I decided we would check it out.

I’ll admit when we first arrived I was a little nervous because I thought maybe it would be a small thing and everyone there would know each other or something. However, it was quite the opposite. Once we squeezed our way through what seemed to be a secret passage, the exhibits really opened up and there were people everywhere. Some rooms where full, some were empty, some colorful, some dark. The best way I could describe the show is kind of overwhelming, but a totally awesome overwhelming. There was everything from live music, to paintings, to video/projection installations,  to a room full of molasses, to a pile of glitter, to melting blocks or ice, to whatever!

I think what made the experience so unique was the fact that the building was going to be torn down. This allowed artist express creativity with absolutely no limits. For example, there was a room called “The Break Room” where they had allowed guests to actually “break” the room, by tearing down the wall and trashing whatever was in it and recreate it into art. The place was messy and crazy but very exciting. This also allowed for such a wide range of expression. People made art about feelings, passion, disdain, or even nothing.

Personally, I enjoy the artwork that has no meaning. The artwork whose purpose is to make you feel something, not think about something. I enjoy art that is somewhat of an escape from reality.

Here’s some of my favorite pieces:

Also they gave us the opportunity to paint as well:



One thought on “Wk 1 – Extra Credit Experience – Farbazaar”

  1. Hi Bailey – somehow I missed this when I graded week 1! You had 22/20 for Wk 1 Activity… and I’m adding +25 for this… so you’ll now see 47/20 for Week 1 activity. Awesome that you guys got to see this – it was a pretty unique event! And as you described, a little crazy!

    BTW the LA Art Book fair is coming up Feb 24-26 – it’s free, huge, and crazy! 😛

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