Wk 2 – Classmate Convo – Karen Luau


Today I talked with Karen for the Classmate Convo. Karen is a first year business major. When I asked Karen what she does for fun she told me that she likes to go to museums and recently went to the Griffith Observatory and has tickets to go to the Broad. I thought this was pretty cool because I have always wanted to go to both those places. She also told me that she has tickets to go see Ariana Grande in convert which was a fun coincidence because I have see Ariana Grande live before; she said she wanted to see Ariana Grande because she wanted to see a singer who is able to sing as good live as recorded and I reassured her that Ariana Grande is great live. I asked Karen if she has any pets and she told me she doesn’t but she considers her boyfriends two dogs her own which is funny because I do the same thing with my boyfriend’s cat. It’s always nice to find things in common with people that you would never expect. I enjoyed my talk with Karen and look forward to talking with her again.



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