Wk 3 – Classmate Convo – Marilyn Rodriguez


This week I had the pleasure of talking to Marilyn. Our introduction was the typical, awkward, “you need someone to talk to?” But the rest of our time together was definitely far from awkward. We quickly found something to bond over: Disneyland. She mention that she works there and I was excited because I was there yesterday and plan on going again on Friday. I told her we might stop in to Monster Inc. which is the attraction she works on. Before that she worked on Hollywood Tower of Terror which was actually my favorite attraction until they torn it down this month.

I also learned that we share a hate of KBBQ. It seems that neither of us could never really get into it. The only thing we didn’t agree on was Mexican street tacos, she says pass but I say delicious. (We spent a lot of time talking about food, food is good, everyone likes food, she even based her Art Activity last week off food).

We walked around the galleries and shared our thoughts on all the pieces and for the most part had similar feelings towards all of them. There was one piece called “On-Call” and it was a piece referencing “Hotline Bling” by Drake and she told me that Drake was the first concert she ever went to; I’m pretty jealous because Drake is great. Anyways, I enjoyed talking to Marilyn and learning about out similarities (and differences) and expect that we will talk again this semester.



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