Wk 4 – Art Experience- Art Care Package


This week’s activity was to create an Art Care Package filled with ephemera. The first step I took to start this activity was to google search ephemera. Ephemera means “things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.” It’s funny because I’m a huge hoarder when it comes to those kind of things. I have seashells from almost every beach I’ve been to, the hotel key from every hotel I’ve been to, and all the movie tickets from every movie I have seen since middle school. That being said, I was not lacking inspiration for this project.

I chose to send my Care Package to my cousin Shannon in England! I just visited her over Christmas break and already miss her so much. We have always been very close so her move to London has been hard on us; despite her distance, however, we are closer than ever and talk practically on a daily bases. While on my trip, I promised her an embroidery but didn’t finish by the end of the trip so when I read about the project I knew exactly who I was going to send something to and what I was going to send.

The object front and center of the picture is the embroidery I promised to make her. This week I set a goal to  finish it and to send it to her for this project and I accomplished it. In addition to the embroidery, I added all sorts of little things. The pictures are pictures from my trip that I printed because I wanted them to hang on my walls; instead, I decided to send them to Shannon. Also, I threw in a couple of my class time/ day dream doodles that I thought she might enjoy. I also sent a little envelope covered in cats because we both love cats. And lastly, I threw in a Galentine since we agree that celebrating our gal pals is more fun than celebrating boyfriends. (Also the concept of Galentine’s Day comes from the TV show Parks n Rec which we both love.)

I think the idea of comparing this experience to Snapchatting is funny because Shannon and I’s only form of communication is Snapchat because texting costs money internationally. Although sending something in the mail is more unique and meaningful I think that Snapchat is a valid and important form of media. It is more intimate than texting because we can get the receiver involved in what we’re doing by live video chatting and sending pictures. Also, Snapchat has become such a big part of my life that it is instinctual to send a Snapchat to someone when something that reminds me of them. With Shannon, for example, I send her a Snapchat when I see something from the show Rick and Morty because we watched an entire season together during my trip and frequently quoted it while out and about on our adventures.

Overall, the opportunity to be forced into sending something by mail was a worth while one. Although there may be some costs involved in sending something in the mail, it is such a special feeling to receive something in the mail so I am glad to give that experience to someone.


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