Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @yeriyeti

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing  Yeri Hwang. She is going to graduate from the School or Arts this semester. She works with all kinds of media that can’t be defined by any categories. She began as an animation student but decided to explore other forms of art. When Yeri graduates she says she’s going to create all sorts of things and not limit herself to one style.

Yeri’s exhibition is titled “Within Us.” It dealt with all types of craft. Yeri used everything from drywall, to electrical circuitry, and it used more traditional media, as well. Each piece was built in a unique way with specific materials. For example, a baby was made from a clay and latex cast. Also, lost of Yuri’s work involved electricity; she learned how to wire her projects from classes that she’s taken on campus. Not only is her work nice to look but she also made it interactive as well.

The purpose of Yeri’s exhibition was to act as a physical embodiment to the journey we take as humans. Each installment was a stop on the journey of life, sharing an instruction or an inspirational bit about each phase in life. It started with conception, then went on to birth, and growth. The very last phase was about acceptance and forgiveness; as in, accepting yourself and forgiving yourself.

I think that Yeri’s installation was very powerful and beautifully illustrated an abstract experience into a physical form. My personal favorite piece was made with gears that were divided into translucent colors that were projected onto the way and could be moved to create a new arrangement of colors. The saying next to it said, “the world is looking forward to your journey.” To me it means the way the world shows emotion is through color. Color is the world’s gift to us, encouraging us to carry on.

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