Wk 6 – Artist Conversation – The Immigration Office

This story inspired by Cintia Segova’s interactive piece on the process of becoming a citizen in this country. 

We met our first year here at CSULB. We happened to be in the same lab group for Biology and things just kind of took off from there. Five years later, we are still together, we even got married, but there is an issue. He is on a student visa and it is time to renew it for his graduate degree. But we have talked long and hard and decided that instead of renewing his visa, he would look to try to become an American citizen.

Today is our appointment at the immigration office. To say were nervous is an understandment. When discussing the decision for him to attempt becoming a citizen the answer was clear. But now with everything that has been happening in the nation, the last few weeks, I just can’t be sure. 

If this doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do. He is the love of my life and I have agreed to taking this journey with him but I’m not sure how much more stress my body can endure. 

Please pray for us, we must go in now. 


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