Wk 6 – Art Expirience – Zine

This week’s activity was to create a zine. Which is essentially a small magazine; they can be about anything. I promised Glenn a zine about Marine Biology but ended up getting too stressed about studying for my Ecology midterm on Wednesday that I made my zine a study tool. My zine is called “The Not-So Thrilling Story of Introduced Species. In my biology class we have to memorize 8 of the introduced species in the United States and import any facts about them. So each page of my zine is one of the introduced species and the facts we need to know.

I really enjoy the concept of a zine and I can definently see myself making one again. I had a lot of ideas going into this project that I would like to maybe make them some day. Making this zine was a great way to force myself to study while also having fun with it. 


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