Wk 7 – Classmate Convo – Jenn Drees & Grace Cha


Time was nearly running out for the classmate convo’s and Alicia and I still had not found new people to talk to. It seemed like nearly everyone had found their partners. That’s when Grace asked us if we had found partners. We decided we could do it the three of us. The Jenn came up and expressed the same problem so we let her join too.

Grace is a first year speech major from Irvine which is really close to my home town of Lake Forest. It was cool to finally meet someone who knows where that is. When we asked what she wants to do with her degree in speech she said she would like to try to work in hospital doing speech therapy.

Jenn is a third year double major in psychology and human development from Huntington. She has been a nanny for about 10 years! And said that maybe she would like to work with children.

It was a pleasure to talk to these girl this week! I know I will be talking to them more this semester!





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