Wk 7- Artist Convo – Todawhitney Lek and Juliana Bustillo

Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: Doodles in Space

Media: Paper, Wire, and Paint

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Instagrams: @juliaanaa22b, @tidawhitney

This week’s artist conversation was shared by two artists Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhiteney Lek. Both girls are in the last semester in the BFA Drawing and Painting program. Their exhibit, Doodles in Space, is inspired by the idea of trying to bring doodling into the third dimension.

The girls had to request the key to their gallery early because they knew they were getting themselves into something big. Even with the extension, they said that their work was not done by opening day. The installation is primarily made up of black and white poster and tissue paper. In addition, they used some paint and toilet seat covers. The paper was arranged in numerous ways such as repeating patterns made from cut up pieces of paper and toilet seat covers. They also have crumpled paper and paper hanging from the ceiling, as well.

Tidawhitney came from a home where the only materials she had available growing up was paper pencil. Juliana was recognized in school for ability to draw exceptionally. These experiences caused the girls to foster special feelings to doodling. Due to this, they wanted to create an experience where their doodles could come to life in the third dimension. I saw it as their homage to doodling for being such a special part of their lives. As the two girls went through school together they recognized each others’ similarities in style and incorporated that into their project. Juliana mentioned that both the girls started out using a lot of color but gradually switched to using black and white and this is reflected in their installation.

I really admire their choice to do something unique and a special. Most people would argue that doodling is not an art-form only because it is less traditional, however I do not agree. Personally, just about the only thing I can doodle. I make doodles for myself and for my friends and I know they cherish the things and that to me is art. I like what Tidawhitney and Juliana did to honor doodling and enjoy hoe they tried go make it come alive.



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