Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing 

This week’s activity was more hands on than I ever expected something from this class to be. Out assignment was to go to Venice Beach and graffiti on the art walls. I was very nervous to say the least because I know the people that put their work up in Venice are seasoned graffiti artist who work on perfecting their projects for hours. I (and my friends), on the other hand, have not used spray paint for anything other than painting old furniture. 

I decided to bring a friend and meet with Sara from class to do the graffiti. We picked the smallest corner with no artwork in prepress to write our names. While we were working we started talking with a guy who had been graffiti writing for years and he was very encouraging towards us. He told us that as long as we kept trying we would learn to love it and get better. 

After writing my name I started to understand the appeal. It’s a really fun and easy way to get creative. With some tips from our new friend, such as what paint to buy, I feel that ‘m ready to try it again. 

Sara and I at the Small World Bookstore


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