Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Sovanchan Sorn

Artist: Sovanchan Sorn

Exhibition: this is all I remember

Media: Video, Voice recordings

Gallery Werby Gallery

This week I had the good pleasure of talking to Sovanchan Sorn (I say “talking” because it was less formal than an interview and she asked us more questions than we even asked her). Dorm is a graudating Fiber Art major. She attended a community college for about 5 years before coming to Cal State Long Beach. 

The exhibition, to me, had a very serene feeling. The exhibit consisted of two hanging fiber art sculptures, a projection, and the written stories of immagrant refuges from her family. The set up was very powerful and the use of spotlights directed me to the stories on the wall.

As for the meaning, it was very clear. Sorn was illuminated the stories of those close to her because she felt it was something that needed to be brought to light. He said she was inspired by how her family always said they just wanted to move on and forget about the past but they felt it was something they could never get past. 

I really enjoyed this exhibit because as soon as I walked in, I was placed in a trance. I read all the stories on the walls and was left starting at the projection on the wall while I processed what I read. I think it’s important to talk about immigration and refugees because it has become such an big part of American politics. It’s important to see the people who are directly affected by the decisions we make. 

An extra little bit about talking with Sovanchan is that she was so kind. Sovanchan was more interested in hearing our stories than telling her own. This week was one of my favorite artist conversations. 


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