wk 12 – Art Experience – Lights Out

Before I begin writing about the project, I would like to mention a funny irony. While writing about how liberating it was to spend a night away from my phone, it died and my post was not saved as a draft. Just another reason why I hate my technology dependency.

Going into this week’s activity I thought it was going to be a breeze because I typically go to bed around 9pm. This means that I would truthfully only have to spend 1-2 hours electricity free.

However, there were some aspects that made this project difficult. For example, I had to ensure that I finished all my assignments before the sun went down so that I would not be worried about not being able to use my computer to complete my tasks. Also, I charge my phone during this window of time so it actually died early on in the night but this made it easier to resist the temptation to use it.

Those little things aside, I really enjoyed this project. The only was to separate me from the crutch that is my phone is when its forced. This break in obsession made me feel like I was spending my time more valuably. I did some candlelit reading of a book that I have been trying to read since November 2015. (If you’re familiar with Atlas Shrugged you know why it has taken me so long). In addition, I spent some valuable, screen-free time with my boyfriend. It made it a lot easier for us to focus on each other with no distractions.

Overall, I enjoyed my electricity free night (other than being a little uncomfortably warm with out my fan on). I believe it is good for us to get away from the noise of television and social media etc. every once in a while, and get back to our roots and enjoy the simpler things.


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