Wk 13 – Artist Conversation

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica 

Media: Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

For my final artist conversation, I spoke with Laura Lopez. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Painting and Drawing. Laura is originally from Columbia and spent some time at school in Germany. Now she is at Long Beach, hosting her final exhibition before she receives her MFA. Her work is inspired by her love for nature.

Laura’s work does an amazing job at catching the eye. It is bright and colorful, with a mix of colors that can be random or follow a certain color scheme. Her work is like a quilt in which the pieces weave together to form the finished piece. At first they can be hard to understand but once one let their mind relax the image begins to unfold.

The inspiration for Laura’s work comes from the jungle. Columbia has a tropic climate, which makes it home to the world’s most beautiful jungles. Laura has been on several expeditions into the jungles in South America and the scenery she saw while on her journeys left a lasting impact on her. This is what she bases her work off of, but in an abstract way.

I really enjoyed Laura’s paintings. They caught my eye as soon as I saw them and before I even made the decision to interview her for my artist conversation, I was taking pictures of the paintings. I loved the color schemes used to represent the jungle; especially the darker, purple and green one. I thought her work was very unique while also tying in South American style.





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