Wk 15 – Art Experience -Designing Your Life

This week’s activity was to design three different life plans. If I’m going to be honest I did not enjoy this activity because spending any time thinking about my future gives me crippling existential dread.


Plan number 1 is the plan I’m currently pursuing and I’m perfectly happy with it because it’s what I’ve known I’ve waned to do forever. In this plan I won’t have a lot resources because it’s a lot of schooling and money but I would be a 10/10 on enjoyment and confidence.

Plan number 2 is something that I considered doing for a short time. I believe that I would not have as many resources and not be as happy but I definently would still enjoy it. What you don’t see in plan number 1 is that I do still want to get teaching credentials or my PhD.

Plan 3 still involves the sciences because it is truly what I am passionate about and could not see myself anywhere else. Another dream of mine is to get my PhD because I would really love to be a professor someday. 


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